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One of our own

Product of Clairton Sportsmen's Club

When Devin Wagner began her journey, she attended an Annual Youth Day Program at Clairton Sportsmen’s Club.  She fell in love with shooting and signed up for the Clairton Sportsmen’s Club Winter Indoor Youth .22 Rifle Program.  Little did any of us realize how firmly this sport would become rooted in her being!  Devin continued her shooting once per week in that program that winter ... and then it happened.  We announced that we would be starting a Competitive Small Bore Rifle Team at the club and competing in the Pittsburgh & Suburban Rifle League.  Devin jumped at the chance to become part of this team.  She worked hard and shot often to improve her skills.  Very seldom did she miss practice or any opportunity to shoot.  As a matter of fact, Devin began shooting in the High-Power matches held at the club.  Here was this young teenage girl shooting against seasoned men with many years’ experience, some on the National level.  It didn’t take long until Devin made an impression on our top rifle shooters.  They quickly took her under their tutelage and began coaching her as they realized great potential when they saw it. ​ Devin has been shooting for two and a half short years and has amassed several accomplishments.  Her first year of shooting in the P&SRL she averaged 260 points out of 300 in matches.  This year so far, Devin has raised her average score by 30 points and regularly shoots around 290 or better out of 300.  The week 12 results just arrived for this year’s season and Devin scored a perfect 300 score in this match.  This is a huge accomplishment for a teenager who started shooting 2 years ago. ​ These skills and dedication must be shared with her family.  Devin receives a tremendous amount of support and encouragement from her dad, Jim Wagner, and her mom, Heather Wagner.  Devin’s dad also shoots on the club team and is one of our top shooters.  Devin has a twin sister, Alexa, who is currently on a competitive cheer team.  Alexa’s cheer team is competitive nationally and their home is full of awards.  I guess the talent runs in the family!  Devin’s mom and dad both run their own businesses and Jim is a paramedic with Pittsburgh Southeast Regional EMS.  The amount of time these two parents devote to the girls is inspiring to see today. ​ Devin’s dedication to the shooting sports is phenomenal.  If she had the opportunity, she would shoot seven days a week.  She has become an inspiration to our team, and she will share her knowledge with anyone willing to listen.  Devin has been working with some of the top shooters in the country and absorbing as much knowledge and range time as possible.  Devin has aspired to taking her shooting skills to the greatest heights possible and she would love to shoot on a NCAA College Rifle Team.  This is her short-term goal over the next few years. ​ Paul Montini Vice President Small Bore Rifle Coach

2023 Volunteer Coaches of the Year: Sarah Briscoe and Randolph McDonald A Volunteer Coach of the Year nominee is a coach who does not receive payment in any form for their involvement in coaching. This award is based on the coach’s accomplishments over the past year. Sarah is with North Side Archery in Chicago, Ill. and Randolph is at Clairton Sportsmen’s Club in Clairton, Pa.According to her athletes, “Sarah places a strong emphasis on understanding each athlete's unique needs and goals. She conducts thorough assessments and engages in open communication with athletes to gain insight into their individual aspirations and challenges.”Randolph ‘Randy’ McDonald has been involved with the program for almost 25 years. His club members explain, “With a strong passion for the sport, Randy maintains the ability to stay up to date on the latest practices within the archery program. He is also able to translate that information to his students, or anyone who seeks his advice.”


A New 64 gun safe was donated to the club for our vault. 

This safe was donated by member Jeremy Bruce in exchange for an older, smaller gun safe in our vault. 


Jeremy is a member of our small bore rifle team and has made many contributions to the club. 

Thank you Jeremy!

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