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2024 DATES:

  • Sunday, March 24th

  • Sunday, April 28th

  • Sunday, May 26th

  • Sunday, June 23rd

  • Sunday, July 28th

  • Sunday, August 25th

  • Sunday, September 22nd

  • Sunday, October 27th

Match start is at 1:00pm and ends at 4:00pm
Clairton Sportsmen's Club Pistol Range
$2.00 per match
NRA 1/5 scale metallic silhouette targets
  • 5 chicken targets at 15 yards
  • 5 pig targets at 30 yards
  • 5 turkey targets at 36 yards
  • 5 ram targets at 45 yards

Total of 4 relays. Each relay consists of engaging 5 targets for a total score of 20.

There will be no sighting-in sessions or practice shots at "swingers".

One shot per target. Hit or miss, you move on to the next target. High score is most targets knocked down. *Targets must be knocked over to score a point. If any targets are knocked down due to causes outside of the bullet hitting the target, targets may be reset once all the shooters of the relay have finished.

All shooting is done standing off-hand, conventional 2-handed grip only with the firearm unsupported.

You will be paired-up with a partner for the match. The relays will consist of a shooter and a spotter, simply changing roles as spotter and shooter when the other finishes their relay. The two most important responsibilities of the spotter is to ensure their partner is abiding by the safety rules and to record their score accurately.

Please be sure to read and edify yourself on Clairton Sportsmen's Club pistol range safety rules. These will be adhered to with no exceptions
A pistol chambered in .22lr. At least 20 rounds of ammunition for each match.

All Firearms MUST have an empty chamber flag / chamber indicator. *If you do not have one, we will supply one for you to use.

All spectators, spotters and shooters must use eye and ear protection.

- Any smallbore pistol or revolver firing the .22 rimfire long rifle, long or short cartridge with a sight radius no greater than 10 inches.

-All non-magnification sights (including red dot) are permitted

-You can only use one pistol per match (depending on the number of participants, there could be up to 4 matches).

If you have any questions, please email Brad Hoover at
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