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We welcome all new shooters and spectators!!!!
Come on up and see what all the noise is

New shooters please ask for help from a range officer or an experienced participant.

Shooters must attend the 9:00am safety briefing. 
Shooters arriving late are not authorized to shoot.
Another safety briefing may occur later in the day, but do not expect special accommodation.

All shooters are required to know and follow all rules that apply to the action rifle event and the club.
All shooters are responsible for their actions and must sign club waiver.
ROs maintain authority and accountability.
Each person present is responsible for the safe status of their weapons at all times.

Do not uncase or handle any firearms in the parking areas.

Uncase weapons or un-holster only in the designated safe areas. These are standard rules for any competition.

All participants shall first verify the safe status of every firearm while in the designated safe areas.

Firearms will then be positioned on the safe table in the appropriate condition, be safely holstered while remaining in the designated safe area, or immediately positioned on the rifle rack in the required safe condition. All firearms shall remain in the required safe condition until instructed by an RO.

1. Rifles will have:
  • The Magazine Removed and the Chamber will be verified empty.
  • The bolt will be locked to the rear.
  • The Safety will be on. 
  • Stored on the rifle rack.

2. Pistols will have:
  • The Magazine removed, chamber will be verified empty, Slide will be forward, and the trigger will be pulled with muzzle pointing at the berm.
  • The Hammers and strikers will remain down/released.
  • Holstered Preferred, if a suitable holster is not available ->Safe Table
  • Safe Table – Lock the slide to the rear and leave the slide open on the table.

It is not permitted to walk around nor stand around with slung long guns except on the course of fire.

Transport long guns between bays in the required safe condition with the muzzle pointing straight up or straight down.

Transport handguns between bays properly holstered. If a suitable holster is not available, the handgun must be properly re-cased for transportation, or transportation must be performed under RO supervision.

Shooters may NOT have a concealed carry CCW weapon. See a range officer if you need to unload it.
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