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MARCH 10, April 14, MAY 12, JUNE 9, JULY 14,

                       AUGUST 11, SEPTEMBER 15, OCTOBER 20                        


To get as many participants as possible, we will allow as many different categories as we can with the idea of discovering which has a decent following.  You can bring your Centerfire ONLY Iron sighted Military Rifles, Modified Military Rifles, Production rifles, big bore Rifles, and/or Cowboy Lever guns.  Scoped Rifles can include Centerfire ONLY Production Sporter Rifles, Production Varmint Rifles, Precision Benchrest Rifles, and even scoped Lever guns.   Your Cast Bullet Loads may be factory loaded, or home grown!

This year we will try to include .22lr Rimfire rifles using different for the matches.


All shooting will be done off the bench at 100 yards.  The cost per shooter will be $5 for Adult Club Members and $6 for Non-Members for the first relay and $4 for addition relays by the same shooter.   Junior shooters can shoot for $2.  Shooters may shoot more than one relay in the same of different divisions as long as all shooters attending have shot at least one relay.


We will start signing up about 8:15 am with the first relay beginning as close to 9 am as possible.  Relay ONE will have a 30 minute time limit.  Later relay times will be adjusted as required.


  Each Iron Sight Shooter will be issued three Black Bull Targets, with one marked “S” for sighting shots.  You may shoot as many sighting shots as needed, but only 10 rounds for record at each of your two Record Targets.  Excess rounds in any Record Target will be handled by removing the score of an equal amount of the highest scoring shots on that target.


Shooters using Scoped Rifles will be issued two Red CBA Targets which are shot with two rounds ONLY in each of the Record Target Bulls.  The same rule applies for any excess rounds in any Record Targets. 

Scoring will be done by the shooter on your right and Range Officer will be the final arbiter of any scoring question or alibis


Serious questions and comments can be sent to Rifle Range Officer Tom Monahan at 412-551-5204 or emails to []

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