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Sunday 12:30 PM   
Wednesday 5 PM

New members and beginner's welcome! 

Trap at Clairton Sportsmen's Club is a long and proud tradition dating back to the 1940’s.  Our facilities include 10 lighted trap fields with voice activated target releases.


2024 Summer Trap League

​We have practice and member in-house leagues year-round, check the club calendar for dates and times, and we take part in the Mon-Valley Trap League in the spring and summer. Clairton also hosts ATA shoots individually and as a part of the West Penn Trap League. Check the club calendar for dates and times, kitchen and bar are open during almost all of our scheduled shoots, so you can enjoy food and refreshment after shooting. ​ The club has youth and adult sized shotguns in various gauges available to members to try out, you'll just need to bring ammo and eye and ear protection. ​ Members may obtain a key to shoot Trap utilizing the trap machines at their convenience during off-hours (times when regular shoots are not scheduled). See a Trap Director to get safely checked out on the machines, then provide a small deposit fee for the key.

MVTL 2024 schedule.jpg
Mon Valley Trap League.png

Mon Valley Trap League 

Mon Valley Trap League 2024

  • Shoots start at 5pm

  • Program Price:  $15 for 50 targets

  • Each club’s 10 highest scores for each shoot will constitute the club’s team score that night. 

Trap Directors:   

  • Robert Porter

  • Jim Lukens

  • Heather Lukens

The trap program at Clairton is affiliated
with the following associations:       

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