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100 Yard Steel Plate Range

Sundays 9:00am

Fridays 4:00pm*

This is a supervised range and only opens when a range office is present or for a match approved by the club’s Board of Directors. Hearing and Eye protection is required.

The 100-yard steel plate range hosts a match open to all shooters every Sunday morning beginning with practice at 9am, then the match starts at 9:30am. If time and/or space is available, a second match may be shot. Matches generally end by 12:30, with access to the range ending at 1pm. Exceptions to the shoot dates are any holiday occurring on Sunday or if Skeet is having a special event, as our range is in their impact zone.

*During Daylight Savings (Late March to November) we also shoot on Friday Nights with practice starting at 4pm and matches starting at 6pm, excepting the one Friday a month when we participate in the Outlaw Steel Plate matches at the Action Pistol Bays.


The Standard Match consists of five (5) relays of five (5) shots for a total of 25 shots off hand (no support aids like slings or shooting sticks) at 6-inch-wide by 10-inch-tall steel plates approximately 100 yards downrange. To count as a hit the target MUST be knocked OFF the rail on which it sits.

Types of firearms allowed are: 

  • Revolvers

  • Semi-Automatic Pistols

  • Single Shot Pistols

  • Bolt Action Rifles

  • Pump Action Rifles

  • Semi-Automatic Rifles

  • Lever Action Rifles

Sights allowed are: 

  • Open

  • Peep

  • Scope

  • Red Dot

Ammunition is restricted to the traditional pistol cartridges, lead or jacketed such as .22 rimfire, .22 mag, .22 Hornet, 25-20, 32-20, 22 32 H&R, 38’s and .357 magnums, 38-40, 44’s and 45. .17 cal is allowed but not a good choice, likewise, loads that may damage the targets (454, 500 S&W, bottleneck rifle cartridges like .308, 30-06, .30-30 etc.) may be disapproved by the appointed range officer for the steel plate range.


Parking is available at the Skeet field parking lot. Driving to the range is permitted during good weather with 4WD or AWD vehicles as there is soft ground.

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