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3D Summer Archery

3D Summer archery league begins May 5th, 2024 and will run through September 8th, 2024

Any questions? Please contact Randy McDonald (412) 445-0627 or email using the button below.

Archery Target


  • 5/5/2024

  • 6/9/2024

  • 7/7/2024

  • 8/4/2024

  • 9/8/2024

Shooting time starts at 8am and runs until 1pm

We have two shooting platforms to shoot from.


$10.00 per shoot. 


We will also have a 50/50 that will start on the first shoot and be drawn on the last shoot.

There will be a tree stand drawing on September 8th, 2024. One ticket given each time you shoot over the Summer (can purchase extra tickets). 

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