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Action Pistol

Action Pistol.  Do you know what it is we do?  
We at Action Pistol wonder why more club members are not taking advantage of what Action Pistol has to offer.  There are interesting times ahead for all those involved in shooting sports, agreed.  There is a very good chance with all the expected changes, political being the foremost, you might now consider this the time to for you to develop-maintain-improve your knowledge of safe handgun handling skills.  
You might also see a need to rebuild your familiarity of the uses of your handgun in various sorts of environments.  This just may be the time to see what it is (Action Pistol) AP and enjoy a hidden value of being a club member, the value of the AP activity and the value of those who maintain the AP program here at Clairton.  

What we do is described as the most exciting of all gun sports.  Adrenalin drives the shooter as you move your way thru an environment of uniquely realistic challenges.

Targets of various sizes both paper and steel positioned in such a way as to demand you devise a plan of attack.  You then attack and effectively engage those targets with accuracy, while conserving time and effort to maximize your scoring hits.  Your countless hours of practiced skills and familiarity with your equipment, your pistol, your draw, your perfect sight picture and the skill necessary to replace spent ammo as needed all add to maximize your challenge.  


  • Maybe this type of dynamic shooting interests you?  Join us.  

  • Or maybe you just want to develop your experience and expertise in the process of handling your firearm in these sorts of realistic environments.  You have not thought of competition, OK.  Join us.  

  • You will see that practice at AP can help you improve your conditioned response to situation which you feel the need for personal defensive action, OK.  Join us.  

  • You have spent many hours shooting at the covered range and want to step up your practice, and improve your marksmanship skills while adding movement to increase the personal challenge, OK. Join us.  

Finally, is it expensive?  Depends.  
You probably have your own gear.  A properly working handgun- revolver or semi-auto, a holster that covers the trigger guard and that can be belted to your strong side waist and paddle types are ok, (no-cross-draws, behind the back, shoulder type.) an extra mag or speed loader, safety gear for your eyes and ears, and you’re ready.  We practice like we shoot a match, and that can use up 100-150 rounds of your handgun ammo.  

The AP ranges are “cold ranges” which means that all handguns are holstered, unloaded and placed on safe if so equipped.  A Range Officer (RO) supervises all practices.  

At Clairton we have many National Range Officer Institute (NROI) qualified RO’s.  This affiliation requires that RO’s re-qualify annually.  Range safety is the most important aspect of action pistol shooting.  Please keep this in mind when you join in. It is our hope that you will have a better idea of what Action Pistol is and what a value we can be to you with as little as one practice session.  

The more time you spend practicing the more you build your skills.


We hope to see many new faces or even the return of the old ones in 2023.  

Join us and “see you at the range” 

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