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CONGRATULATIONS to our JOAD archers who placed in the 2024 State Competition

Milissa Hesson

U15 Women's Recurve (2nd place)

Aiden Kramer

U15 Men's Fixed Pin (2nd place)

Sydney Bagnell  

U18 Women's Compound (3rd place)

Mina Jakub

U15 Women's Fixed Pin (4th place)

Olivia Edwards

U18 Women's Recurve (6th place)

The Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) is a USA Archery program that helps develop strong problem-solving skills, increases focus and determination, teaches goal setting, and builds confidence.

JOAD offers recurve and compound archers the opportunity to learn range safety and proper shooting techniques in an environment that fosters focus, increased self-confidence, and team-building skills. JOAD is open to any youth archer aged 9 to 20.


We are excited you may be interested in the JOAD program. Every year in July, the Clairton Sportsmen's Club holds a community-wide event called Youth Day. This is an excellent opportunity for your kid to try out a bow and meet with our coaches and parent volunteers.

Archery Board


Our Clairton JOAD archers meet at the Clairton Sportsmen's Club at the indoor archery range every Wednesday from 6:30-8:00pm and Saturday mornings at 9:00am before tournament season begins.

Tournament season begins at the end of December and runs through April.

Ready to


Any questions? Please contact Randy McDonald (412) 445-0627 or email using the button below.

Season runs September through March

  • What steps do I need to take to join?
    If your child thinks they may want to join the Clairton JOAD club, we ask you to attend our information meeting in September. Our coach, Randy McDonald, will explain the club's details. Our first-year members practice separately from the more seasoned shooters the first month. Then, Randy will take time with your child individually to set them up with a club bow. To keep coming to practice after the first month, the child needs to register at USA Archery. The membership fee is currently $25. The last membership you must complete is joining the Clairton Sportsmen's Club. Afterward, you and your child must attend an orientation to join the Sportsmen's Club at the clubhouse. These meetings occur once a month. When you become a club member, you have access to all activities and events the Sportsman's Club offers.
  • When does the club meet?
    Our Clairton JOAD practices for the 2023-2024 season meet every Wednesday from 6:30pm - 8:00pm at the Clairton Sportsmen's Club indoor archery range. The club also meets every Saturday morning at 9:00 am leading up to tournament season. Once tournaments begin, many kids go to those held on the weekends. The indoor range is open many evenings of the week if your child wants extra practice. Because JOAD heavily emphasizes individual growth, you put in the time and effort you want to put in. You can attend as many or as few practices as you wish. However, attending regularly will help your child grow much faster and keep them motivated and engaged in the sport.
  • When does the season start and end?
    The JOAD season begins in September and ends around the end of March, sometimes April if they qualify for Shooter of the Year. Tournaments typically start at the end of December or beginning of January. However, because you will be a Clairton Sportsmen's Club member, you are welcome to practice after the season and participate in the Summer 3D league or when the range is open.
  • How much does it cost to start the program?
    The great part about our club is that you can ease into the program without spending thousands of dollars right off the bat. We have compound and recurve bows that our coaches will set up specifically for your child. They are nice bows to get your kid started! You must pay your membership fees to the Sportsmen's Club and USA Archery. If your child is committed to continue the sport, they can begin to purchase their own equipment. Our coaches can help guide and order for you with their discount.
  • Do I need to know anything about archery?
    No, but slowly, you will learn a few things. The sport can be a lot of fun for the entire family if you choose to learn and get into it yourself. Our coaches will make sure their equipment is set up correctly and can suggest items to purchase for your child as they improve or outgrow their equipment. Every year, we hold an event called the Feud Shoot: the adults vs. the kids. This can be a great way to understand how complex shooting a bow can be and begin learning with your kid!
  • What does a typical practice look like?
    The practices are set up to imitate the tournaments. The kids line up and shoot 3 arrows in 2 minutes. There are two ends with 60 arrows shot plus 6 practice shots. During our Wednesday evening practices the archers do not score. The archers are asked to come at the allotted time for their mid-week practice but can put in how much time they need at their digression. They will score during Saturday merit days. During Saturday practice, the archers must arrive 30 minutes before their line starts and stay until the practice is complete.
  • What does a tournament shoot look like?
    All archers are expected to arrive 30 minutes or more before their line begins. Parents will sign up at our club weeks in advance for the tournament. Each tournament cost $12 per archer. You will pick your first, second, and third choice for your desired day and time. Randy will sign up and pay for everyone at once. Tournaments typically last 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Concessions are often provided at all the clubs and will help their program.
  • How does scoring work?
    Microsoft Word - Scoring Matrix Frequently Asked Questions May 2019.docx (
  • What are the merits you can earn through JOAD?
    joad-indoor-achievement-scoring-matrix-300124120257.pdf (
  • What makes archery and the JOAD program special?
    Archery is a fantastic skill to learn. It takes a lot of focus, discipline, and self-dedication. The children work hard to achieve their personal goals through this sport and are rewarded when reaching their merits and sometimes being able to place in tournaments. Archery is also a lot of fun! It is something that the entire family can be involved in if they want.

2024 Tournaments

$12 per tournament. Signups at the club.

Jan. 6th - 7th 


Jan 27th - 28th

@ McDonald

Feb 17th - 18th 


Virtual Shoot

@ Foxtown

March 30th

@ Clairton

(Club Feud Shoot)

Jan 12th - 14th

@ Clairton

Feb 3rd - 4th 

@ Crowfoot

Feb 23rd - 25th

@ Bills

March 15th - 17th

@ Coraopolis

April 6th


(Shooter of the Year)

Jan 20th - 21st

@ Falcon

Feb 9th - 11th 

@ Chieftain

March 1st - 3rd

@ Gold-N-Grain

March 24th

@ Crowfoot 

(Three Rivers Classic)

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