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Looking for Small Bore Rifle Shooters

The Youth Shooting Program is looking for Junior Members and Adult Members to join a newly forming Small Bore Rifle Team. This team would be sponsored by the Clairton Sportsmen’s Club and would be for Junior Club Members high school age or younger and Adult Club Members over high school age. Members of the Small Bore Rifle Team must also be members in good standing of the Clairton Sportsmen’s Club. Clairton Sportsmen’s Club Junior Membership is available for $30 per year. This team is currently practicing to compete this year in the Pittsburgh & Suburban Rifle League. More info to come soon.


The Clairton Sportsmen’s Club Team will have .22 LR Rifles to use for Team Members or they may use their own firearm as long as it shoots .22 LR. The competitions will consist of four (4) position shooting against local teams in the Pittsburgh Area. The season would begin in the fall of this year. We will conduct practices on a regular basis until and during the season. Competitions will take place either as a postal meet, travel meet, or a combination of both.

Target rifle shooting teaches valuable life skills


The discipline and practice of target rifle shooting is extremely effective in teaching life skills that enhance student performances in schoolwork as well as in home, family, social and workrelated activities. Life skills that are most effectively developed through marksmanship include:

  • Self-control, self-discipline and emotional control

  • Responsibility

  • Concentration and attention skills

  • Goal-setting and learning how to achieve goals

  • Fair play, teamwork and leadership

  • Rewards of hard work, practice and competition

  • Self-image enhancement

If interested in this program, please contact Paul Montini at:


Paul Montini

Youth Program Director

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